How did We (Almost) Make it?

Here is a summary of what helped us most stay sane for 14 days strictly spent inside (Yes, for those who do not know, in Switzerland lockdowns always allowed people from the same family to go out and have a walk in the countryside anytime. Hopp Schwiiz!). One of the most common biases is to think successes are of our own making (because we are sooooo smart, right?) and failures due to external conditions. So maybe I’ll list some details that are of no importance. But it’s a blog, so who cares?

  • big hotel room : 80m2, two bedrooms, living room, kitchenette with dining table. It may sound big but when you’re inside for 14 days straight, space is really something you cherish.
  • lots of games and toys for kids, especially involving creativity and focus. Because a focused kid gives his parents some rest.
  • yes, I admit, video games and TV too. We’ll wind down the screen time once we get out.
  • once a day, gym together! after browsing a bit this one is my favorite: you get to sweat but it’s also fun and not too difficult.
Published in June 2014. Those people are visionaries.
  • bath ! yes, that can keep amphibious children happy for 30min to one hour.
  • reading, drawing, writing. The latter might not be my children’s favorite for now, but very powerful to quiet the mind especially at the end of the day.

By Julien

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