Le Vietnam accueille enfin les touristes

Enfin, il ne reste plus qu’une dernière restriction à l’entrée au Vietnam : juste un test PCR négatif datant de moins de 72h. Plus besoin d’avoir reçu les injections ni de faire une quarantaine à l’arrivée. Ouf !! ça va faire du bien au tourisme ici. On vous attend 🙂 https://e.vnexpress.net/news/travel/foreign-visitors-can-travel-freely-with-negative-covid-test-health-ministry-4439344.html

Clairvoyant, dès octobre 2014

Rockefeller 2010 - Lock Step scenario

Je suis tombé sur la vidéo de ce journaliste d’investigation qui a su croiser quelques documents pour nous lire un script de 2010 qui ressemble comme deux gouttes d’eau à ce que nous vivons depuis début 2020. Je suis ébahi. Dans cette vidéo enregistrée en 2014, il lit et commente des extraits d’un document publié… Continue reading Clairvoyant, dès octobre 2014

Are we Turning into Cats?

Spending time behind the windows, looking outside at the street, nearby buildings and passersby. Plenty of time to sleep or take a nap. Getting food without even having to cook or shop for groceries. Wait… a real cat would truly hesitate whether to stay inside, or have a walk outside. That’s the feline dilemma. But… Continue reading Are we Turning into Cats?

Food Delivery

So how does that work? since we cannot leave our room, we get to fill paper forms before 4PM each day and leave them on the table in the lobby. There are three meals a day, plus snacks and drinks. Food delivery from outside is prohibited, in case hotel guests got sick and needed treatment… Continue reading Food Delivery

Halfway There!

Today is our seventh day in quarantine. We got a nice message and gift from the hotel, two pouches of snacks which the kids almost devoured… they stopped just because we would not let them eat all of them. Within the next few days I’ll try and take pictures of the food delivery process to… Continue reading Halfway There!

Landing in Vietnam

We landed at Noi Bai airport, Hanoi, on Friday March 26, 2021, 11h30. All passengers had to wait and be called one by one for processing the papers before going through the usual passport checks. Interesting twist: this is the last time (for now) we saw our passports. To ensure that arriving passengers respect the… Continue reading Landing in Vietnam