Tomodachi retreat, Làng Mít

Nous avons essayé cet endroit ce week-end. A 1h environ en voiture, à l’ouest de Hà Nội, pas besoin de prendre l’avion. C’est un ensemble de villas divisées en 3 appartements (juste chambre et salle de bains/WC avec balcon et vue sur la rivière). Le parc est très apaisant et ombragé, avec des bananiers décoratifs… Continue reading Tomodachi retreat, Làng Mít

Bonne nouvelle !

Enfin, pour ceux que ça intéresse ! je suis allé il y a quelques jours sur le panneau de contrôle Mailchimp et j’ai vu que sur les inscrits à la newsletter de ce blog, 1 seul sur les 27 est inconnu au bataillon. Je veux dire par là que son adresse email ne me permet… Continue reading Bonne nouvelle !

Cầu Giấy District

Yesterday evening we left the Long Biên district to visit my sister-in-law in Cầu Giấy district. That’s crossing the whole city from East to West. We did not think about the rush hour and ended in traffic jams all the way, around 1h15min by taxi. Hopefully the way back was faster, around 40min only. Coming… Continue reading Cầu Giấy District

I’m on a boat!!!!

Hải Phòng is the biggest port in the North of Vietnam. My brother-in-law has a few connections with the maritime university there. He brought me to the port in order to visit a training ship. This one was given by Korea to the Vietnam Maritime University. 20 min Car Drive Here are a few videos… Continue reading I’m on a boat!!!!


So many things happened on our first day out that I could just find time now to give an update. On Friday April 9 at 2PM local time in Hanoi we were allowed to leave the hotel. Hence they really count 14 days by the hour. Better to take it seriously, because in Singapore a… Continue reading Freedom!

Are we Turning into Cats?

Spending time behind the windows, looking outside at the street, nearby buildings and passersby. Plenty of time to sleep or take a nap. Getting food without even having to cook or shop for groceries. Wait… a real cat would truly hesitate whether to stay inside, or have a walk outside. That’s the feline dilemma. But… Continue reading Are we Turning into Cats?