End of Quarantine in Hanoi? Not So Fast!

So we are close to the end of our quarantine, we’ll get out this Friday, April 9. We are really eager to breathe fresh air outside. Just a saying, we expect the atmosphere to be both hot and humid. This is what we signed up for! in Hà Nội, there is a second “soft quarantine” which is not strictly enforced but let’s say, supervised and recommended. This begins with this official letter from the department of Health which we got by email today:

Yes, it’s in Vietnamese only, hopefully my wife helped me get the gist of it:

  • for 14 more days…
    • we should avoid crowds and public places such as markets and restaurants (which are not named exactly in this document, I added it myself)
    • we should list precisely whomever we spend time with, this can be done on paper and kept in a journal in case it turns out later that we got covid during this second fortnight.
    • we should install the local tracking app Bluezone.

Hence not that complicated. Currently these additional 14 days are not required in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).

By Julien


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