Food Delivery

So how does that work? since we cannot leave our room, we get to fill paper forms before 4PM each day and leave them on the table in the lobby. There are three meals a day, plus snacks and drinks. Food delivery from outside is prohibited, in case hotel guests got sick and needed treatment while they are supposed to be quarantined. There is enough choice within the 4-page menu, with an additional surprise side dish.

The hotel staff is covered from head to toe, but still friendly and smiling… as much as I can hear the smile in their tone. How did I ask politely to take a picture? “Anh có thể cho tôi chup ảnh được không ?” even though I repeated 10 times before asking, I still needed almost 20s to say it, but the staff was patiently waiting.

What about the complimentary bottle of red Chilean wine ? the only way to know how good it is, will be to share it with the in-laws when I get out.

By Julien


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