Inondations à Hải Phòng

on peut pêcher de chez soi

Il y a 10 ans ma femme m’avait dit que des fois au Vietnam, on doit nager pour rentrer chez soi. Voici quelques photos ! sur la première photo ci-dessous, à gauche derrière la voiture noire, ce ne sont pas des sacs poubelles mais des motards en pèlerine.

Brochette de crocodile

Mon beau-frère a souvent de belles idées. C’est un bon vivant aussi même s’il a un physique de maître en Tae Kwon Do (ce qu’il est d’ailleurs). Voici donc une de ses idées. Je n’ai pas encore pu participer, ça c’était une photo avec ses amis à Hải Phòng mais je suis curieux de goûter… Continue reading Brochette de crocodile

Vietnamese Hotpot

The Vietnamese hotpot takes many hours of preparation. The stock itself around 2h, and you just cannot let it simmer and walk away to mind another business. The reason is that the cook must delicately, regularly scoop the scum for roughly one hour. The result? a clear and savory broth. The other peculiarity of the… Continue reading Vietnamese Hotpot

Dining at Aeon Mall

This is a huge, recent, top-of-the-shelf mall in Hải Phòng. Had I been teleported inside, apart from the ads in Vietnamese, I would have thought I was in Singapore. Very clean. The mask is mandatory everywhere inside and the hawkish private security will remind you as soon as you get up after your drink. Parking… Continue reading Dining at Aeon Mall

Apéritif au Canard

This was three days ago. Not much was planned that evening, but my brother-in-law surely saw a bit of cute disappointment in my eyes when he told me that the evening out with his friends was just for the next day. He has a generous heart and found a solution, without me even asking for… Continue reading Apéritif au Canard

Short Scooter Ride

Today, my wife had her old scooter repaired so we rode it tonight. Riding a scooter or a motorbike is the best way to discover Vietnam. There is definitely something more than being driven around in a taxi. You can feel the atmosphere.

I’m on a boat!!!!

Hải Phòng is the biggest port in the North of Vietnam. My brother-in-law has a few connections with the maritime university there. He brought me to the port in order to visit a training ship. This one was given by Korea to the Vietnam Maritime University. 20 min Car Drive Here are a few videos… Continue reading I’m on a boat!!!!