Apéritif au Canard

This was three days ago. Not much was planned that evening, but my brother-in-law surely saw a bit of cute disappointment in my eyes when he told me that the evening out with his friends was just for the next day. He has a generous heart and found a solution, without me even asking for one. Hence I experienced the ease of dining out in Vietnam: whatever your budget or your time, it’s usually around the corner. He had around 30min, we hopped on his electric scooter. Just 3min later we stopped at a duck restaurant. The typical setup on the table is the following: chilis, bottles of spicy sauce (such as the famous “Sriracha”), lime, pickles.

Whisky was brought over with us
roasted duck with sesame

The dip sauce was likely soy sauce with chilis and scladed onions.

It was fun to enjoy an apéritif without planning it in advance. Spontaneity feels good.


By Julien


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  1. Sympa l’apero impromptu, canard rôti… C’est un apéritif repas… Merci pour cette échappée vietnamienne, Affectueusement papa

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