Creativity of Spammers…

Or lack thereof? Well sorry I am starting on the wrong foot. It’s time to show some gratitude. Thanks to spammers, I’ve had quite a richer life and bigger dreams than I could ever have imagined. I have… been the potential (unfortunately not actual) recipient many times of millions and millions of dollars, not by… Continue reading Creativity of Spammers…

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BitChute Support – ok!

I received a reply by email. I had emailed their support before I understood that Vietnamese characters were the issue of the failed uploads. BitChute support replied nicely even after I told them the issue was solved. For a free service, receiving a reply by email a few hours later looks good to me.

How is that Website Built?

Updates 2021-04-11 Added video hosting Hosting and CMS I’ve gotten a few questions hence it’s simpler to answer as a new post. This website uses the CMS hosted at Planethoster. hosting: Planethoster. With their “World” service you get for 6€/month as many websites as you want on the same server, unlimited space, and 8… Continue reading How is that Website Built?

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