In the 1st Flight from Zürich to Singapore

Finally, we boarded the plane. What a delicious, relaxing feeling of relying on the crew to tell you what to do. No more decisions and actions needed, just be a happy traveler. After months of excessive but needed activity, this is what I needed. We boarded on Thursday March 25, 2021 a Singapore Airlines flight on an Airbus 350-900.

Tucked in the Economy class between the Premium Economy and the toilet cabins at the middle of the aircraft, our area comprised 46 seats… 7 of which were taken! including the 4 of us. The crew showed the greatest care, also taking time to talk with us and the kids as it is often the case with Singapore Airlines. The in-flight entertainment is always getting better and richer, and that surely helped with our children!

Bye-bye Sunrise, a great place to work!

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By Julien

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