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I was walking near the French embassy this morning (some paperwork needed) as I heard them across the street! I missed a detail because I stopped filming too early. In addition to the music with the loudspeaker, there was a man beating a big drum sitting behind on the van.

I took money out of a TP bank ATM in a cabin around that area and the music was so loud inside that I had to finish the transaction and get out before resuming a phone call. Does music make us feel like spending more?

Sorry for the interruption in the flow but some paperwork ended up taking more time than I wished. I hope you are all feeling good today. Take care!

By Julien



  1. En tous cas, je pense que tu dois te dire… qu’est ce que c’est bien la campagne.. quel horreur ce bruit…
    Courage bizzzzz

    1. au contraire ça me donne envie d’amener mon fils voir un match ; après des mois de fermetures, je suis curieux de revoir la foule. Je ne l’aurais jamais cru si on me l’avait dit.

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