Awesome Cantonese Restaurant: Fu Rong Hua (Hibiscus flower)

I did not expect that. Right in the center of the capital, next to the most famous lake for tourists, would not be the spot for the most delicious food. Well maybe with foreign travelers yet to be seen in 2021, restaurants might have adapted. That one is really good: “Fu Rong Hua”, 9 Dinh Tien Hoang Street. We were just walking and I told my wife that I would like to find a good dim sum place for the kids. Hopefully we found this one. And because we are caring parents, we tried firstly without the kids 😉

[2021-05-13 update] Thanks to Sylvain !! the name Fu Rong Hua, 白芙蓉花 means Fleur d’hibiscus.


We began with two soups.

Then I chose xiao long bao which are dim sum filled with pork and pork soup. Exquisite. The second one below is a recipe variation with mushrooms.

Here is fried tofu with dried shrimp and chilis:

Then rice flour crepes with a X.O. sauce. What does it mean? I just learned about it. It does not contain cognac, but the naming indeed comes from it. Here, best article I found, in French.

For my friends in Hà Nội

Here is the business card. In Việt Nam they say “carte visite”. Easiest Vietnamese word to remember!

By Julien


  1. miam miam ça à l’air trop trop beau… il nous manque les odeurs et goûter 🙂 génial merci de me faire voyager

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