When It’s Too Hot Outside…

Today we reach again 38°C in Hà Nội. That’s quite hot indeed. Locals told me it may go up to 45°C -_- Hopefully the air conditioning works in our flat. But when you don’t have one, what can you do? here are a hew ideas:

hug an ice block
go amphibian

Another idea, since:

  • my brother-in-law had his birthday just one week ago
  • and I’ve recently gotten my work permit valid for the next 2 years,

I’ll bring champagne to Hải Phòng tomorrow and we’ll celebrate together! that will bring some freshness.

By Julien



  1. Merci pour ces infos, je vois que les vietnamiens ne manquent pas d’ingéniosité pour se rafraîchir….

    1. il faut bien !! le maximum que j’ai vécu est 38°C… j’aime aller me promener quand même pour m’habituer.

  2. Do you tend to stay in when it’s that hot or do you try to go out to find a pool?

    1. well we are very lucky and have a little swimming pool that is also a big jacuzzi. The owner had the wisdom to build a ceiling to protect the pool from the sun. Very useful for the kids when the playgrounds are closed as it is the case now. But restaurants just reopened yesterday for indoor service, hence we may expect less restrictions ahead.

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