Water Supply

First night in this new flat: there were no glasses. And the tap water in Vietnam is not safe to drink, you should boil it first (the kettle was already provided in the kitchen). You can just rinse your mouth. So how did we drink? Hopefully we had 2 mugs and a bowl in our luggage. We got lucky. That was for the first night. From now on we use a water dispenser. That model does not filter the tap water but pumps it from a 19L jug.

Nice to see you again, Nestlé. You’re everywhere.

Delivery up to our flat is included in the price. We pay 63’000.- VND per jug, plus 50’000.- VND for deposit because those are returnable. Hence future bottles will cost just 63’000.-VND, which is roughly 2.50 CHF for 19L.

By Julien


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