Phở Gà

Today is a great day, because I will finally right a wrong. Let me explain. Ten years ago I was eager to write restaurants or hotels reviews on Tripadvisor, feeling it was for the greater good. I enjoyed it and earned a few badges. In 2011 during my first trip to Việt Nam, I tried the small specialty restaurants that do not look impressive on the outside but serve delicious and clean food. So I wrote a review, which was never approved. Likely because there was not a neat sign and the decoration inside was not dreamy. Consequently, I am very happy to finally be able to tell whatsoever I wish on this blog.

Phở Gà is the chicken noodle soup, with a particularly clear and tasty broth. The sister recipe comes with beef. Here is this famous restaurant, last time we checked in was 9 years ago. Famous amongst locals: we ate there around half past noon and office workers were having their lunch there. This is the kind of place I enjoy. Here is what Tripadvisor does not really want you to share:

The picture below shows the bench where the grandma was taking a nap. We had to sit across the table and she woke up, then resumed chopping the chickens. Only women worked there.

Yes, I admit, this is not the right restaurant for Valentine day. However, if your lover is a foodie craving chicken soup, that might do it.

homemade chili sauce
I like to add some lime wedges

These are fried bread sticks, slightly sweet, that go perfectly well with the soup. Hairy legs in the background are genuinely mine.

that spoon once belonged to Vietnam Airlines
bye-bye and thank you. Time to go visit the center

By Julien


  1. Authentique et délicieux, pour les connaisseurs… Simplicité mais quelle saveur….
    Profitez bien de votre weekend

  2. That’s one of the things we miss so much, in France. Les millions de “restos de rue”, comme j’aime a les appeler. Une cuisine sans pretentions, a se taper le c*l parterre. Des ingredients de qualite, en circuit court, de la terre au bol.

    1. oui quand on aime le goût des ingrédients frais c’est incomparable. J’en arrive même à être déçu de certains restaurants qui ne sont haut-de-gamme qu’en apparence.

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