Cash is King

There is something from childhood that stills fascinates me: checking out the bank notes wherever I travel. Traveling might not be the right term because I now plan to stay in Vietnam long-term. Anyhow, here is an overview of all bank notes used in Vietnam. No coins are being circulated nowadays as far as I… Continue reading Cash is King

A Crowded Mall

The 21st April is a bank holiday in Vietnam, celebrating Vietnam’s Hung kings. We went – again – to Big C Long Biên that day and it was indeed crowded: The sound systems here do not need to cope with stringent dB limits as it is the case in Switzerland. This was really loud. But… Continue reading A Crowded Mall


That post is literally (about) junk. I’ve seen it in Vietnam with people of my parents’ generation. Keeping everything. Never throwing anything even though it has not been used for ages, and possibly never will anymore. Pieces of wood, cables, plastic bottles, you name it. Maybe this affects people who endured challenging times. I have… Continue reading Junk

Short Scooter Ride

Today, my wife had her old scooter repaired so we rode it tonight. Riding a scooter or a motorbike is the best way to discover Vietnam. There is definitely something more than being driven around in a taxi. You can feel the atmosphere.


On Saturday my brother-in-law drove us to Big C Long Biên, a large shopping mall. The security guards at the entrance check the temperature of everybody, but masks are not mandatory. Since we are supposed to be careful for 14 more days, we wore them inside. We ended up buying a lot of plastic boxes.… Continue reading Shopping

Medical Checkup

Yesterday I went for a medical checkup which is mandatory for further paperwork. My wife booked a slot at the spacious and luxurious Vinmec Clinic in Hà Nội. The whole checkup cost 2’800’000.-VND (around 111.-CHF). The day before the appointment, an online questionnaire must be filled in with information about any risk of contact with… Continue reading Medical Checkup


Obviously recycling is something we should do, but it’s not mandatory here. After 12 years in Switzerland it looks extraordinarily simple: just one garbage bin, that’s it. For those who want to recycle (we do) it’s rather simple : just leave the papers/cartons/plastic/glass/aluminium separate next to the garbage bins, and people pick it up during… Continue reading Recycling