A Typical Everyday Meal

This is what we usually eat in Việt Nam: plenty of vegetables salad: either salad itself or sliced cucumber the everyday fish sauce with chilis, lime juice and sugar (center) bowls of rice, of course proteins: fried tofu in the top-left corner bottom-left: a kind of dried pork meat, fried onions and eggs omelette last… Continue reading A Typical Everyday Meal

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Phở Gà

Today is a great day, because I will finally right a wrong. Let me explain. Ten years ago I was eager to write restaurants or hotels reviews on Tripadvisor, feeling it was for the greater good. I enjoyed it and earned a few badges. In 2011 during my first trip to Việt Nam, I tried… Continue reading Phở Gà

Rooftop Bar

One of the most exciting aspects of a big city is to have plenty of choice for eating out. I realized that after being unable to invite my wife for Valentine day in Switzerland, I thought we could go to a nice place for dinner. By the way, even if Valentine is not that important… Continue reading Rooftop Bar

Vietnamese Hotpot

The Vietnamese hotpot takes many hours of preparation. The stock itself around 2h, and you just cannot let it simmer and walk away to mind another business. The reason is that the cook must delicately, regularly scoop the scum for roughly one hour. The result? a clear and savory broth. The other peculiarity of the… Continue reading Vietnamese Hotpot

Dining at Aeon Mall

This is a huge, recent, top-of-the-shelf mall in Hải Phòng. Had I been teleported inside, apart from the ads in Vietnamese, I would have thought I was in Singapore. Very clean. The mask is mandatory everywhere inside and the hawkish private security will remind you as soon as you get up after your drink. Parking… Continue reading Dining at Aeon Mall

Apéritif au Canard

This was three days ago. Not much was planned that evening, but my brother-in-law surely saw a bit of cute disappointment in my eyes when he told me that the evening out with his friends was just for the next day. He has a generous heart and found a solution, without me even asking for… Continue reading Apéritif au Canard

Eating at our Aunt’s House

On Sunday at noon we were invited by my wife’s aunt in Hà Nội. She cooks really well and prepared a nice meal. See for yourself: salad, cucumber and herbs, green mango, chicken, squid with pineapple and vegetables, chayote, fried eggs “opla”, squids stuffed with minced pork meat, nems and soup. At home in Vietnam… Continue reading Eating at our Aunt’s House

Water Supply

First night in this new flat: there were no glasses. And the tap water in Vietnam is not safe to drink, you should boil it first (the kettle was already provided in the kitchen). You can just rinse your mouth. So how did we drink? Hopefully we had 2 mugs and a bowl in our… Continue reading Water Supply

Housewarming Barbecue

Upon arrival, the landlord greeted us and took a long time to walk us through the various appliances, hidden valves, circuit breakers and all the secrets of this brand new flat. He makes himself very available. My wife bought a papasan sofa and I do like it. So comfortable. I could only get to try… Continue reading Housewarming Barbecue